Oreto Group :-) Applied Intelligent Systems

The activity of the Oreto research group begins in 1997 in the Escuela Superior de Informática of the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Ciudad Real (Spain). Since the beginning the research interest of the group mainly focused on the application of our knowledge in different techniques from the Artificial Intelligence to different fields and activities. More concretely, the use and development of soft computing systems, such like non-classical logics (multivalued and fuzzy), the approximate reasoning and the qualitative and linguistic modelling, have been successfully used in numerous research projects. In these projects, models, identifications and inductions of different kinds of events and actions have been obtained from complex systems where uncertainty and vagueness are intrinsic properties of such systems. By means of the integration of sensors and video cameras it has been possible to propose: surveillance systems in large areas, identification and classification of different kind of impacts that can suffer fences protecting motorways and even the behaviours of drivers.
The generation of information from data captured from sensors, databases, video cameras, etc. needs of a review of the classical automatic learning techniques. New terms such like BIG DATA offer a new perspective, with different characteristics and needs. To address these new challenges our group has incorporated the design and use of several small systems that cooperate, learn and coordinate themselves in a non-centralized way in parallel by making use of smart beams techniques in order to obtain multi-classifier systems.