Research topics

Fuzzy Systems

Description, modelling and development of complex systems characterized by their vagueness and uncertainty in the framework of fuzzy logic, fuzzy sets and approximate reasoning.

Identification of events and actions.

Identification of non-adequate actions in complex environments. Prevention of driving mistakes, dangerous driving, surveillance systems and generation of alarms.

Linguistic models in systems

The qualitative modelling of systems, temporal series and events by means of the generation of linguistic descriptions.

Smart Beams

The induction of complex classifiers in large databases using partitioning and specialization techniques using simple classifiers.

Aggregation and fusion of information

The acquisition, aggregation and fusion of data from different physical sensors and video cameras in order to build descriptive models of actions or events of interest.

Linguistic descriptions.

The induction of linguistic descriptions for the indexing of events and actions and for an efficient recovery of temporal segmentations from sensor data.